Live Zoom tours by Professor Andrew Lear

Is your affinity group looking for a fun, interesting activity? Professor Andrew Lear—founder of Oscar Wilde Tours, the LGBTQ history and art tour company, and Shady Ladies Tours, the women’s history and art tour company—has converted many of his tours into Zoom events. His tours have gathered rave reviews in media such as the New York Times, The Daily Beast, the Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Town and Country, O, the Oprah Magazine, NPR, NBC4, and Fox5. And he has worked with ERGs from Amex, DB, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Dropbox, google, Squarespace, Snapchat, Pfizer, and more. His Zoom events can be modified but generally last 75 minutes, with time for Q&A.

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Options currently available:

The LGBTQ Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum—LGBTQ masterpieces, from ancient Greek statues to Picasso’s Gertrude Stein

LGBTQ history walking tour of Greenwich Village

The LGBTQ Secrets of Boston’s MFA

The LGBTQ Secrets of London’s National Portrait Gallery

LGBTQ Monarchs and their Palaces


The Feisty Women of the Metropolitan Museum—powerful and ambitious women in history

The Feisty Women of the US National Portrait Gallery

The Shady Ladies of the Metropolitan Museum—royal mistresses and courtesans in art and history

The Dressed to Kill tour of the Metropolitan Museum—fashion and beauty standards through history

The Shady Ladies of Paris

Marie Antoinette’s Paris


Scandals and Secrets of Père Lachaise Cemetery—fabulous personalities buried in this great monumental cemetery, from Oscar Wilde to Edith Piaf

Scandals and Secrets of Britain’s Stately Homes—palatial houses with stories of their fabulous inhabitants

Fright Night at the Metropolitan—a special Halloween tour of the Met’s creepiest holdings

Greek Love Myths at the Metropolitan—a special Valentine’s Day tour about Venus, Cupid, and other love myths


Interested in possibly scheduling an event? Call Professor Lear at 646-560-3205, or email