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European Tours

“The experience of a tourist coming to visit a country such as Greece or Italy — which ranked 17th and 32nd of 49 countries, respectively —is also likely to be starkly different than that of a local, noted Andrew Lear, a former university professor who leads LGBTQ tours in Greece and Italy..” – READ ARTICLE

“Andrew Lear combines a love of travel with a passion for gay history. He has published a widely praised book on male-male love in ancient Greek art and is considered one of the foremost experts on same-sex love in the ancient world..” – READ ARTICLE


“So much gay history is unknown and unseen. A new specialty tour company will take its first group of tourists overseas to reveal the real-life landmarks of Oscar Wilde.” – READ ARTICLE

pass“His love of teaching, history, literature, and travel have all found a home in his new company, and his indefatigable excitement permeates the discussions throughout the tours.”READ ARTICLE


“Those who travel with Lear to discover the foundations of LGBT history can expect a tour as revelatory as it is inspired.” – READ ARTICLE


“Looking for a vacation infused with queer history? Andrew Lear, a professor from Harvard, Columbia, and NYU launched Oscar Wilde Tours with the mission to connect gay travelers to their own history.”READ ARTICLE

02“Lear may be on the crest of a new wave of tourism that embraces all aspects of LGBT culture, not just the nightlife.”READ ARTICLE


“Now is your chance to experience the best of historic Europe—from a same-sex historic perspective.”READ ARTICLE

10“Lear’s aim is to deliver the ultimate goal in great tourism: experiences that are unique and truly memorable.”READ ARTICLE

055“This October, acclaimed gay historian Andrew Lear of Oscar Wilde Tours leads travelers on an exploration of gay history and same-sex artistic treasures on a grand new expedition, ‘Gay Italy, from Caesar to Michelangelo and Beyond’.”READ ARTICLE

New York City Tours

“While gay history is a generally interesting historical theme, it is particularly important in NYC: Gay history is important to NYC, and NYC is important to gay history,” noted Andrew Lear, a former university professor who leads gay walking tours of in Greenwich Village and the Metropolitan Museum.”READ ARTICLE

“Ancient Greece is Lear’s specialty, with particular expertise in gender and sexuality and male-male love in poetry and art. . “READ ARTICLE

“With tours like “Gay Secrets” or “Shady Ladies of the Met,” Lear focuses on works of art that might be interesting to niche audiences like the LGBT community, and explains them in a fun and interesting way. “READ ARTICLE



“A distinct journey through homoerotic history — from Hadrian and his boyfriend to the phallic poles of Oceania — led by Andrew Lear”READ ARTICLE


“Flanking the petite Dr. R in these video commentaries is historian and professor Andrew Lear, who is known for research on sexuality and tours of New York City.” – READ ARTICLE



“This painting is exactly the kind of thing that I’m looking for when I meander around a museum.”READ ARTICLE


“At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Andrew Lear guides our correspondent through a cornucopia of statues and pictures thrumming with same-sex desire.”READ ARTICLES

088“Historian Andrew Lear has discovered the gay nooks, crannies, and marble curves peeking out throughout the collection.  Now, though Lear’s tour, visitors can explore the sprawling museum through a queer lens.”READ ARTICLE

09“Oscar Wilde Tours, personally recommended by Stephen Fry, are your opportunity to tread in the footsteps of your queer forebears and learn of the lavender leanings beneath every brushstroke of world famous art.”READ ARTICLE


“I recently discovered that the city’s gay heritage stretches back, improbably, to the 1880s, thanks to Professor Andrew Lear, whose encyclopedic knowledge of the Village’s pink past lend gravitas to his role as president of Oscar Wilde Tours.”READ ARTICLE


“New York is truly one of the great gay cities. It has been home to an astonishing list of famous and fascinating LGBT personalities and talents, from Walt Whitman to Bessie Smith to Rudi Nureyev, Andy Warhol, and so on…”READ ARTICLE